Take a Deep Breath

We help very small businesses manage their money and processes with a sense of calm. No frenzy, no panic.

Raise your hand if you jumped into running a massage business with almost no marketing, money, or business training!

Most of us learn as we go. Working with me can make that learning a little less stress-y and a lot more fun.



Got the basics set up already but need a little help figuring out your next big marketing step? Hourly consulting is just for you! Consulting services are offered on a sliding scale fee structure.

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Money Coaching

Too many of us manage our business finances like this: pay the bills, then pay ourselves whatever is left. Not very full of intention, my friend. Together, we can fix that. We’ll get your business money organized and intentional.

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Your website is often the very first impression you’ll make on a client. Let’s make it fantastic.

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