A diverse community
A virtual room full of massage therapists who understand what it’s like to run a small, personalized massage business.

Practical business building
Realistic and creative solutions to help you define what success looks like for you and build the business that suits you.

Warm & welcoming
A safe environment of collaboration, kind honesty and a side helping of humor. Because building a massage business should be fun, too.

We’ve got

  • Regular live office hours, a virtual roundtable to troubleshoot your business questions with thoughtful peers.
  • Weekly power hours, a virtual co-working atmosphere to hunker down and get your tasks done.
  • 300+ massage stock images you can use on your website and in your marketing. No long fingernails, no rocks stacked on the back, clients of all shapes, sizes and skin tones.
  • A place for all of us to share templates, images, and all the other businessy stuff we tend to make and re-make.
  • A network of massage therapists who love to help each other.
  • Regular monthly activities and challenges to help you build a sustainable massage business.

That's what we're building, it’ll be even better when you join us. 


Hi. I’m Allissa.

I've been a solo massage business owner since 2005. I watched the start up of business websites and email marketing and jumped in before I knew what was what. I've fumbled through both formal and casual networking events. I've definitely rolled over my own foot with the rolly stool...while sitting on the rolly stool.

But one thing I do really well? Since 2009, I've been helping massage therapists build strong businesses. Together, as a community.

Join us in the community, where massage therapists come together to help each other.


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