3 Questions to Help with Business Decision-Making

If you prefer to read:

I want to share with you a decision making framework that I happened on a few months ago to use whenever you're thinking of taking on a new job or opportunity or little gig.

One, is there a clear return on investment?

Will you be making contact with your perfect client or with people who interact with your perfect client and really will send you clients?

Two, is it fun?

Will you enjoy this job, this event, this activity, whatever it is? Are you going to have a good time doing it?

Three, do I have autonomy?

Are you able to make the decisions surrounding your work? How long each massage is, how much you're going to charge, or if you're going to not charge, or if you're going to charge and donate the money? Are you able to collect potential client information?

Of all these things that surround the job, those are the three factors to help you make a choice and decide if it's worth your time.


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