Making Time to Work On Your Massage Business

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In my work with massage therapists, helping them build massage practices, I often find that the biggest hurdle is finding time to work.

And the easiest way I have found to solve this issue is to set a work schedule based on the number of clients you want to to see every week. So if you want to see ten clients, you're probably going to need 15 or so hours in a massage office, seeing patients, flipping in the room, seeing another patient.

If you don't have ten clients a week yet, that's okay. You have three clients a week, and that gives you 7 hours or more of time to work on your business.

It's really hard to do this because other things come up in the way. "Well, I don't have a client, so I may as well go grocery shopping." "I don't have a client so I can run this errand for my mom."

All of these things come into play and they interrupt our time that we should be dedicating to working on business.

This is not a perfect system. It should be flexible. Many of us are in this field and work for ourselves because we want that flexibility.

If you're finding that you're not having enough time to get your work done, maybe it's because you're not sticking to your work hours, and maybe that's a factor that needs to get integrated into your business building plans for the next year.


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