Pro Tip for Filing Receipts

If you prefer to read:

I want to share with you a little thing I just came up with to streamline my 2024 bookkeeping.

I just had to file my very first receipt of the year. I made an expenditure today, and I scanned the receipt with my mobile device, and I emailed it to myself because I was on the go.

When I got back to my computer at my desk, I saw the email, and I moved that document out of the email and into a 2024 file folder that I have on my desktop.

I really have tried hard to create a system for naming all of my files so that things are easier to find. I was like, man, what did I think up? What was the system going to be?

It's the date, then the name of the store, and then the amount?

I named that file, 1/4/24 ACE hardware, $30.77. Then I put it in that business receipt folder.

And then the name of that business receipt folder, I put my formula in. So it says, 2024 business receipts, date, place amount,

Now I always know, because it's in the name of the file, how I'm supposed to label this receipt.


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