Use One Go-To System

If you prefer to read:

If I could give every massage therapist one gift, it would be a tool that works well for them, to capture all of the thoughts running around in their head.

What I mean by that is ideas for how you can market your business, ideas for people you should connect with. Tasks like renewing your license in a timely manner every a year.

All of the things that run around in our head but we have a hard time keeping track of. One electronic to do list or document or piece of paper where you always throw those thoughts and tasks and ideas.

I would also give us all the patience and the grace to learn how to use them, because it's going to take a while. It took me almost a year to remember to use the system that I had created for myself.

Start thinking now. What could be a good mechanism for you to start putting all your thoughts, ideas, and tasks into one place?

To get them out of your head to help you function and run your massage practice a little more orderly, which means a little more peacefully.


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